Best summer home decor color combinations for sunny house

Best summer home decor color combinations for sunny house

In fact, every house or a flat has a long story to tell its visitors and guests. And so do its arrangement and interior design, not to mention furniture, decor details, and other features. Furthermore, a color of your room can also reveal your personality and inner peace.

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The combination you prefer going for sets the entire tone and creates particular energy in the house. But, how to update your room decor for a new upcoming summertime season? Luckily for you, there are lots of colorful ideas you can apply to each room of the place you live in.

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Pink and blue

You are allowed to pair these different shades with certain organic and natural materials. Big green plants with plastic pots are also welcomed. In that way, you will be able to avoid any overwhelming, even in a small room.

interior design pink and blue


You can easily mix this color with certain vivid ones. Hot pink would be the perfect solution, especially for creating a more colorful and bolder living room facing the south side of the house or flat. Moreover, one of the positive sides of missing turquoise color with a pink one is getting quite an impressive style that does not require additional details and décor.

Turquoise interior design

White and green

If you want to make your bedroom or living room design a little bit beachy and fresh, simply follow these tips:

  • make a white color the one that dominates;
  • add some green color of big house plants instead;
  • combine all that with certain rattans, such as storage baskets, small chairs and similar furniture;
  • purchase dark, black cushions for your bed in order to create a contrast.

White and green interior design

Yellow, orange, peach

Pick a few accents you personally prefer and find suitable for your home decor. You can also select this color palette as the main color of your cushions, tiny decor details, and pieces. Be more creative, paint the door peach and put a colorful rug on the floor, in front of the entrance.

Home decor - yellow, orange, peach

White and blue

Old but gold, the combination of white and blue always wins and perfectly suits any room, especially the one getting lots of sunlight during the day. These two colors are perfect hues for the dining room. In addition, any texture and patterns are very welcomed.

White and blue home decor

Blue and purple

You can also mix a few different shades of blue. For example, turquoise looks great with light shades or purple. This unique combination is capable of recreating the completely new atmosphere and is recommended for bedrooms. However, it is not the solid rule you need to follow, you can apply these two colors together in any room of your house or apartment you want.

Blue and purple home decor

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